My first cosplay!

It happened at the Matsuri Festival 2020

After many months working on my first prop, which I started around November, finally on January 19th the time finally came for me to use it into my first cosplay.

It’s kind of complicated to explain why I chose that character for my first cosplay, in fact, if I’m being honest, I didn’t. The story goes like this: last year, at the beginning or mid October, there was a convention in which the guys from “La forja de Hefesto (FB/IG)” were selling some masks from Kimetsu no Yaiba. Around that time, I was invited to a “kinda costume party”, and my nephew who likes anime suggested that I got one of those masks and made a Tomioka costume “because he has longish hair”. That was the whole reasoning behind the character choice.

Giyuu Tomioka | Kimetsu no Yaiba

So the I told myself “it’s not that difficult, I can ask my mom to sew me a black shirt and the cape thing half red, half some pattern that vaguely resembles the one on his”. But oh boy, was I wrong to believe that. My poor mom searched far and wide, and found nothing alike. In the end, we settled for some checkered green/white fabric. So I again spoke to myself and said “meh, the costume thing is not that important, as long as people kinda of understand what I’m supposed to be, it’ll be ok”.

This is what my Tomioka cape was originally going to look like

It was all going well until one day I was talking to some friends and mentioned the thing about the fabric and showed them that pic, and one of them, whose identity will remain protected because I don’t want to expose Mario, told me “ha, you’ll look as if you’re wearing a tablecloth”, and that comment struck deep within me. So, less than a week away from the party, I started looking for ways to get some fabric with that design. Among the options were ordering it online, fabric sublimation, or just purchasing the cape. However, the guys from La Forja told me another one that didn’t occur to me: painting the cape myself.

So I asked my mom to please make that half of the cape not on the tablecloth fabric, but a plain yellow one, and started to think about the best way to get the pattern into it myself. In the end I went with a carton template and some special pens that disappear with heat, and started the process of creating the pattern. The whole thing is on my Instagram.

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Prueba de pintura #cosplay #workinprogress

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And after a long effort (not only mine because my wife and even my mom helped me), a couple days before the party I got a toy katana, and painted it slightly similar to the one that the character uses in the anime, and off it went. The result, while not even remotely perfect, at least had a slight resemblance to the character that I was supposed to be.

But of course, that’s not the end of the story. Because, once again, I spoke to myself and said “it’s a shame that all that work on the cape thing will be wasted on a party in which barely anyone saw it”; plus, I was already in a prop making class with the guys from La Forja, and one thing led to another, and I started working on a katana. This time, one that really resembled the one from the anime, and my mom once again helped me making the clothing parts: the shirt, belt and pants.

This is the mask originally crafted by La Forja de Hefesto for me.

As a side note, none of this whole cosplay deal wouldn’t have been possible if not for my mom. She also hurried a lot helping me with the costume, because she works incredibly fast and beautifully, but I’ll talk about that later.

And well, weeks went by, and with the help from La Forja I made my own katana (most of the process is well documented on my Instagram) and the result was honestly, without any modesty whatsoever, just plain beautiful. It was so much more than what I thought it’d be.

And as part of the whole ordeal, I had to learn a lot about things unknown to me before. For example, I had to learn that it is not an easy deal to put contact lenses on yourself. Plus, I had to learn how to style a wig (which by the way is a serious area of improvement). Another lesson I had to learn is that men don’t use bright-colored flip flops, and women have small feet. And of course, I had to learn about the character himself, and how he behave, because that’s a really important part of cosplay.

In the end, everything got into place and for the first time ever, I attended an event as a cosplayer. The experience was incredibly nice, so much that it’s very difficult to put it into words, but I’ll try it on another post because this one is long enough already. To finish, an image of the final result of all my work (and my mom’s!)

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